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iPad 2

Posted by in Tablets | Comments Off on iPad 2
iPad 2

Apple iPad 2 needs no introduction. After all, it is the largest selling tablet computer in the world. Compared to the iPad 1, the second and the latest in the series is an improved version of what was a market defining product. Let us look at the features of this amazing product and find out why it is still red hot despite all the competition.

The Hardware – The design and form factor is ergonomic. iPad 2 is slim and the thickest part is just 0.34 inches. It is 7.3 inches wide and 9.5 inches tall. The screen space consumes 90 percent of the frontal part of the tablet, except for a bezel and a home button below the display. There are volume and camera control buttons at the back and at the sides. Also compared to the first generation model, the iPad 2 is considerably lighter. There are three plastic buttons at the sides for volume, wake/sleep and a third one for screen rotation, locking and for mute.

Data Processing – The iPad 2 has a new 1GHz dual core chip called A5. People have said that the processing speed of the new tablet when it comes to graphics is 9 times faster than the original one and twice as fast when it comes to general functionalities.

iPad 2 has RAM upgraded to 512MB from 256MB. This means you will experience faster loading of web pages and quicker access to various folders and files.

Camera – There are two cameras, the one on the front is a VGA one capable of video recording with 30 frames per second, with audio. It can take still photos at 0.3 megapixels. The camera at the back has 0.7 MP resolutions and can do HD video recording at 720p, at 30 frames per second with 5x digital zoom. Apple also has a proprietary application called ‘FaceTime’, which is a face to face conferencing system like Skype. You just have to push a button and you can have a face to face chat with your near and dear one in any part of the world, provided they are on WI-FI.

Battery – The iPad 2 comes with a 25 w-h rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery which can last up to 10 hours.

Display – The display of iPad 2 is easily one of the best, with 1024 x768 px. The display screen is 9.7 inches with 4:3 aspect ratios at 132 ppi.

Apps– Mention Apple and you think about those amazing apps which still ride high on popularity. The App store has more than 70,000 apps and all of them work seamlessly on iPad 2.

The Browser– iPad 2 is quite fast and intuitive, it can give you the same speed and ease of use that a laptop gives, with better portability.

Though Apple iPad 2 does have an HDMI output, it does need an adapter. There are some people who think that there is no Flash support but that really is not a problem.

The new Apple iPad 2 has a spanking, white look and is definitely, value for money.