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HTC HD7 Windows Phone

Posted by in Cell Phones | Comments Off on HTC HD7 Windows Phone
HTC HD7 Windows Phone

HTC HD 7 is a smart-phone running Windows Phone 7 operating system. There are too many things that can be discussed about this set. However, I will review only the important hardware and software aspects of this mobile phone.

I have been using this phone for a few months and I am writing this review to help people who are just thinking to switch to HTC HD 7. I hope this review will be insightful.

First Look

As you might have also seen the images of HD 7 smart-phone, the set has a large display screen (4.1 inch) while it weighs 162 grams (5.7 ounces). To say it shortly the phone has an elegant look and feel.

What it feels to hold it?

If you are an iPhone user, you might feel that HTC HD 7 is a little bigger and slightly heavier. Some people might feel enjoy the change, however, others might deem it bulky. In my view a few days usage will make you quite habitual of using it and you will not feel uneasy.

The Touch Factor

Every smartphone that I used taught me a lesson that the touch screen shall be smooth. I can testify here that the touch screen of HTC HD 7 is second to none.

Is it easy to use the tiles-based Windows Phone 7 home screen?

One thing that you will notice that Windows Phones have come with a brand new style. The icons are displayed in tiles shape and touch-screen scrolling works vertically rather than horizontally as in iPhones and Android based smart-phones. I found this style very useful and efficient.

Texts and Writing Editor

Messaging editor in HD 7 has a splendid auto-correct option which makes it very easy to write messages. Similarly if you are searching or writing a few emails you will find the writing editor a great assistant.


Speed is of primary importance in mobiles. The set in our case is fast and reliable. The 1Ghz processor allows the tasks to be done at speed of light.

Zune and Updates

You will need to install Zune software on your PC or MAC to synchronize your phone with your system and update it whenever the new updates are dispatched by Microsoft.

The Apps

The Windows Phone marketplace is a growing repository of applications made specifically for Windows Phones. All important applications are present in the market which you can use in your HTC HD 7 Phone.