Nokia X

The Nokia X is one of the first smartphones to run on Android as announced by the Finnish mobile tech giant in time for this review. Powered with low cost hardware, and Nokia’s own tweaked version of Android 4.1, it maybe the Android device you are looking for in the low $100 range. It’s … Continue reading


The LG G2 is a very attractive customer from the front. Resembling a slightly squarer Nexus 4, its gorgeously slick glossy black finish is accented by two complementary sprinkles of silver: the speaker at the top and the LG logo at the bottom. Simple, clean, and very pleasant on the … Continue reading

Sony Xperia Z2

With the Xperia Z1 just six months old, this new Sony flagship could be accused of making only incremental upgrades. However, the Z2 is more than just a made-over Z1, thanks to a new 5.2in screen which Sony has cleverly engineered into a thinner and lighter body. The 20.7MP sensor in the camera is … Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S5

If there’s one obvious way that Samsung still falls behind its rivals, it’s industrial design. The Galaxy S4’s clammy, all-plastic build didn’t feel particularly nice to hold - the kind of smartphone you really don’t mind putting a case on. While the S5 is instantly recognisable as a … Continue reading

Google Nexus 5

Google isn’t really trying to build the best Android phone. What it’s trying to do is get the internet, Google-style, in as many hands as possible, and it realises the way to do that is to produce its own affordable, desirable handset. And yet it’s getting very close to the perfect Android … Continue reading